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Rosabeth is an adventurer and nature photographer. She is currently living in Cusco, Peru. She has an amazing catalogue of original photos she has taken in Peru and around the world. Hiker,tour guide, photographer she wants to continue her travels and is establishing a marketplace for her art. She is currently collecting an album of her favorite pictures. She hopes through e- marketing she can establish a brand synonymous with her desired lifestyle and create high quality products featuring her photography. She will certainly succeed as she is focused and wants this dream to be a reality. She is currently a contributor to the

                                sharing her personal insights to the current environment socially and economically in Peru.
Rosabeth is currently opening an exclusive travel service offering a variety of adventures.

Rosabeth can be liked at
WhatsApp + 51 974 782 661

Instagram @rosabethgonzales
I would like to offer my services as a freelance, expert in history, archeology and photography and  teacher of Spanish and Quechua native language of Peru.
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June 4 , 2021
Rosabeth is a free agent
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